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Preparing for the Leap to New Zealand

How do you get a 60-pound girl to carry a 50-pound bag? How do you convince that same child that packing a rain coat is more necessary than packing a floppy brown stuffed beaver and a giant bag of bubble gum? How do you help… Continue Reading “Preparing for the Leap to New Zealand”

Launching a Radically “New” Year

Note: This post begins a series of several posts about our upcoming STINT to New Zealand. Stay tuned to hear more details about our family’s Kiwi adventures, along with knowing how you can pray for us as well as the students and staff members… Continue Reading “Launching a Radically “New” Year”

On the Move

Our house sports a new for sale sign out front which I have to admit makes me a bit sad.  At the same time I am hopeful and anxious for people to come and see our home.  The house is in the best shape… Continue Reading “On the Move”

Vision and Direction

Robert Coleman writes, “People are looking for a demonstration, not an explanation.”  Yet what we so often give students today is just the opposite.  Jesus on the other hand demonstrated in powerful ways the things he wanted to get across.  When he wanted to… Continue Reading “Vision and Direction”

40 day wilderness experiences

Noah, Moses, Elijah, and Jesus all spent 40 days in the wilderness.  God used these times to bring about life changed and dependence on Him.  I often will ask students where they feel closest to God.  9 out of 10 will say when they… Continue Reading “40 day wilderness experiences”

Want to help us out?

Go to for your Christmas shopping!  If you buy something, enter in “Lifelines” for a code.  20% will go to Lifelines UVM and you will also get 5% off your purchase as a thank you.  Spread the word.

A Mountain Top Experience! Encountering God.

When you stand on top of a mountain, there is no denying that there must be a God.  God has been calling people into the Wilderness throughout history to reveal more of who he is.  Dan and Heather Litchfield were two of the four… Continue Reading “A Mountain Top Experience! Encountering God.”