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Gearing up for Patagonia

It is New Year’s Eve, but we are not counting down the hours until midnight. We are not waiting for the ball to drop. No, this year we are counting the hours until 8am when we leave for the airport and our mission trip… Continue Reading “Gearing up for Patagonia”

A Video Thanks

We wanted to be sure and share with you this thank you video that our Kiwi teammates sent us. This way you can meet the team and see some of Dunedin, the University of Otago, and the surrounding countryside. You can also hear their… Continue Reading “A Video Thanks”


We are home! After weeks of camping and traveling, the freshly laundered sleeping bags are hanging on the line to dry and we are now sleeping in our own beds! Our final flight landed in Boston at 8:30pm where we were greeted by the wide… Continue Reading “Homecoming”

The Last Hurrah-A Photographic Journey

We spent our last week and a half in New Zealand “on holiday” driving north toward the Aukland airport, trying to soak up as much of the country and culture as possible. It is too beautiful to miss, so I want to share this… Continue Reading “The Last Hurrah-A Photographic Journey”

The End of the Beginning

Three months ago we made the leap across the Pacific in answer to God’s call to take Lifelines to New Zealand. Now that we are about to leap back, many of you are probably wondering, “Was the mission accomplished?” Our whole team, and our… Continue Reading “The End of the Beginning”

Saying Good-bye

“Did you get pictures of the backyard, too?” I asked Emma as she toured the house, camera in hand. We were moments from leaving forever the house that had been our home for the past three months. As we said good-bye to the trampoline,… Continue Reading “Saying Good-bye”

Feeling sheep-ish

I have developed a new appreciation for sheep. I suppose it has something to do with being surrounded by them all the time. There are about 30 million sheep in New Zealand. In our new home town we have our favorites—the one ram with… Continue Reading “Feeling sheep-ish”

Setting an Example (1 Timothy 4:12)

One of the greatest joys of being in Dunedin has been the opportunity to befriend and build into the student leaders that represent Student Life. Their love for God and commitment to ministry is inspiring. We have been blessed to be part of their… Continue Reading “Setting an Example (1 Timothy 4:12)”

God Sees

A few weeks ago, my American teammate, Alicia, and I led a hike for the female student leaders. It was the best kind of hike because we started at the top and hiked to the bottom. 🙂 The theme for the day was “What… Continue Reading “God Sees”

(Grace + Truth)Time = Growth

Pose like a cover shot? I tried to imagine what that might be and how to screw my face into such a position. Before the photo shoot was over I had dissolved into laughter. Meanwhile, the Student Life trio from Christchurch had disappeared into… Continue Reading “(Grace + Truth)Time = Growth”